Heme Aquí sin Cuerpo y sin Voz


Exhibited in the Art Room of the Sin Muros Museum – a project owned by the National Museum of Fine Arts – located at the Mall Plaza Vespucio in La Florida, Santiago. In this work we can look at objects and assemblies as aesthetic-political devices, exhibited in a substitute civic place, that «clean» and «white wash» the population´s identity, representing individuals who consume themselves, masking criticism in a milky surface. As a residue, on the other hand, the object / body / merchandise reflects the criticism on «the power and libido that feeds it», the powers that educate transforming the body: turning it into a body submissive to any kind of violence, including consumption.


Thus, reflecting it´s central idea: globalization since colonization.

Through this art assembly developed by the artist, the emotional-psychological backdrop that lays beneath the expression mechanics we use day by day to communicate, bond and love each other are displayed -all of which are evidently dominance-based-, within a society that every now and then seems to erase it´s mysteries and brings on the whole of it´s differences instead.